5 Questions with DJ Drowzzzy Drew

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5 Questions with DJ Drowzzzy Drew

 DJ Drowzzzy Drew rocking his signature merchandise at Dash Radio in Hollywood. Picture by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for VlogPics.com and used courtesy of @drowzzzeydrew on instagram.

DJ Drowzzzy Drew rocking his signature merchandise at Dash Radio in Hollywood. Picture by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for VlogPics.com and used courtesy of @drowzzzeydrew on instagram.

Drowzzzy Drew is a super dope DJ we met on the set of The Fixxx Audiocast @ Dash Radio in Hollywood. His passion for music was evident from the first time I heard him spinning so when he told me he was ready to get some professional head shots, I could only think of one perfect place to capture them: the corner of Wilshire & Fairfax which is home to the Petersen Automotive Museum, The Urban Lights at LACMA, and also the exact corner where Hip-Hop legend Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls got shot.

After our head shot photo shoot, we also got to ask Drowzzzy Drew a couple questions.

Liftoff Blog: 1. How did you get the name Drowzzzy Drew?
Drowzzzy Drew: Got the name from my random sleeping patterns. I sleep a lot so friends that really know me get the concept that’s where that name came from.

LB: 2. What is your main claim to fame?
DD: I’d say when I got my first official show opening Dj set for Trinidad James.

LB: 3. How did you get started in entertainment/djing?
DD: I got started out of high school ive had the ear for music always,I would burn cds an sell them before I actually thought about djing…college,I started messing around with virtual Dj a software program an that made me want to buy a controller to start mixing for fun. eventually, I started getting paid for small house parties and it just grew to bigger an better events!

LB: 4. Who are your main inspirations as a DJ?
DD: There is a quite a few but I def look up Dj jazzy Jeff.he’s just a nice turntablist all around! I also look up to Dj drama and Dj whoo kid. The mixtape game was strong years ago an they were some of the Dj’s I respected an still do.

LB: 5. What exciting stuff do you have currently going on or coming up?
DD: I currently just dropped a mix on my mixcloud known as “drowzzzyradio” you can checkout all my latest mixes on there. I also have a mixtape I’m planning on hosting with artist I’ve networked with in the past an i’m looking forward to adding more artist to the project. Looking to drop that before end of November.

LB: Bonus: Where are you from?
DD: I’m from Artesia,New Mexico currently reside here but I am always traveling or willing!!

To keep up with his career, follow Drowzzzy Drew on instagram @drowzzzydrew. And of course, here are a couple pics from our professional head shot photoshoot below. Photography by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for 321headshots.com


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